just another star in the sky.

My favorite country song is probably Rascal Flatts' God Blessed the Broken Road. I'll tell you why.  It's a love song sung by anyone who sings it - Gary LeVox (lead singer of Rascal Flatts), some drunken person during Open Mic Night at some karaoke place, and even by lovelorn me - about a love that was… Continue reading just another star in the sky.


Is it too late now to say “sorry”?

I was visiting my best friend in her LA home one summer and I'd done something that I can't remember. But I remember being really, really, really,┬áR-E-A-L-L-Y sorry for it. And I kept telling her. Like, the whole way to dinner. And if you live in LA, you know how long a rush hour drive… Continue reading Is it too late now to say “sorry”?